Boat Rental


A nice strong wind – it’s the only thing a real windsurfer needs. But sunshine is always welcome, too. Friesland has the perfect places for windsurfing along the coast of the IJsselmeer. read more


Are you an experienced canoeist? Experienced or not, you’re sure to stretch your arm muscles while enjoying a fantastic canoe trip through the scenic Frisian countryside. read more

Sailing schools

Know the difference between a jib and a mainsail? Starboard and port? If not, it is high time for a course at one of the Frisian sailing schools. read more

Frisian Sailing boat (skűtsje)

Frisian Sailing boat (skűtsje)

When it’s summer in Friesland, it’s time for skűtsjesilen. Anyone with an interest in sailing keeps track of which of these historic cargo ships will walk off with the highest honour. read more

Motor boat

Motor boat

Don’t feel like doing anything? Or perhaps you don’t have a lot of experience yet? Why not discover Friesland by motor boat. If you love sports, than there are also many possibilities with a motor boa... read more

By sloop

With a sloop you can reach every place very easily. You can make lovely trips on the water. Sail through the small ditches as well as the broad canals. read more

Sail boat

The wind is blowing through your hair while sailing on the Frisian Lakes. You are enjoying all the action onboard. Lifting the tarpaulins, going starboard, going port side, there is no time to be bored! read more

Roundtrip by boat

Leave the hard work to the expert so you can really enjoy your time off. The captain will taking care of the sailing so put your feet up and take in the beautiful surroundings. read more